Walt Disney Tobler Postcards

Love these Walt Disney Tobler Postcards. Tobler published Disney postcards during the 1950s by giving them away with the purchase of bars or boxes of chocolate. This collection at Catawiki has 22 cards includes cards from Snow White ( Blanche Neige), Pinocchio and Bambi. They were up for auction at Catawiki.com.

Walt Disney Tobler Postcards

Some images of Tobler Disney Postcards

About Tobler Postcards

Tobler postcards were postcard souvenirs issued by the Swiss chocolate manufacturer Tobler (now Toblerone) in the 20th century. As well as creating the Disney cards they created sets featuring cars and aeroplanes.

The back of the Disney cards featured these words or similar:

Achetez les Delicieux Chocolats Tobler
et demandez a votre fournisseur l’Album Gratuit
qui vous permettra de faire vous-meme un film
avec les vrais dessins de WALT DISNEY contenus dans les tablettes
et de recevoir de TOBLER un CADEAU-SURPRISE.

which translates in English to:

Shop Delicious Tobler Chocolates
and ask your supplier for the Free Album
which will allow you to make a film yourself
with the real drawings of WALT DISNEY contained in the tablets
and receive a SURPRISE GIFT from TOBLER.

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