Rare Walt Disney Society Dog Show Poster coming to auction

A rare Rare Walt Disney Society Dog Show Poster is coming to auction at Morgan Auctions, New Jersey this coming Sunday 12th May 2024. It features a delightful scene with Mickey Mouse getting Pluto ready for a dog show. Including spraying poor Pluto with Flea Powder, who does not seem very impressed.

Rare Walt Disney Society Dog Show Poster
Rare Walt Disney Society Dog Show Poster

The date of the poster is not specified but the Society Dog Show cartoon short was produced by Walt Disney Productions and released by RKO Radio Pictures in 1939. So it is presumed to be from around the time of the film release.

The poster is set on linen and measures 41.00 X 27.00.

The poster has an estimate $1,000-$2,000. (We will include the auction price when it has been sold).

The Society Dog Show plot – Mickey Mouse enters his pet, Pluto, into a prestigious dog competition. They arrive in a makeshift wooden car, and while Mickey preps Pluto, the dog becomes enamored with Fifi the Peke. However, Pluto’s chance at success seems doomed when he attacks a rude judge, leading to their expulsion from the show.

Undeterred, Mickey schemes to reenter Pluto as a trick dog. As they prepare, disaster strikes—a camera’s flash ignites a curtain, starting a fire. Amidst the chaos, Fifi is trapped under a microphone stand. Pluto, donned in roller skates for the trick competition, heroically dashes into the burning building to rescue her. Despite facing collapsing structures and dangerous obstacles, Pluto manages to save Fifi, skating through peril and ultimately crashing through a window to safety.

The crowd outside, including a previously disgruntled judge, celebrates Pluto’s bravery. Overwhelmed by his heroism, the judge awards Pluto a medal, recognizing him as a true hero. Amidst the cheers, Pluto affectionately pulls Fifi behind the medal for a private moment, hinting at a shared kiss.

There is a copy of the cartoon to watch on YouTube.

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