Original Lady and the Tramp British Quad Poster sells for $2,000

An excellent example of an original Lady and the Tramp British Quad Poster has sold for $2,000 at Propstore at Valencia, California on the 7th December 2023.

The British Quad poster dates to 1955 and measures 29.75″ x 39.5″ and is a rarity in this condition. This is the first UK release poster and has been professionally linen-backed with almost no restoration work performed.

Original Lady and the Tramp British Quad Poster

About Lady and the Tramp

The origins of the classic Disney film titled “Lady and the Tramp” dates back to 1937. Joe Grant, a character designer and story artist who designed the Wicked Queen in the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, observed the relationship between his Springer Spaniel named Lady and his newborn baby. He then shared his idea with Disney, along with sketches of his dog. Disney approved the concept and assigned Grant to work on the project. In 1955, the completed feature premiered, which was the first Disney film to be shot in Cinemascope and also the first full-length feature based on an entirely original story, rather than an established classic. Furthermore, it was the first feature to be distributed by Disney’s new division, Buena Vista.

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