Charming Wadeheath Disney Snow White Teapot and Hot Water Pot

In a rendezvous with nostalgia, vintage Disney collectors were drawn to Wessex Auction Rooms this September, as a delightful Wadeheath Disney Snow White teapot and hot water pot set was up for grabs. The quaint duo, replete with intricately moulded and hand-painted Snow White designs, found a new home for a modest sum of £40. These are really lovely.

Wadeheath Disney teapot and hot water pot each having moulded Snow White design
Wadeheath Disney teapot and hot water pot each having moulded Snow White design

The pots, measuring 17cm and 20cm tall respectively, exude the charm of yesteryears with their delicate Snow White themed depictions. The teapot is an ode to whimsy with a scene of Grumpy, one of the seven dwarfs, chiding a bluebird, while a tender moment with a deer graces its reverse side. Every hand-painted color on it tells tales of the meticulous craftsmanship that has held up through the years.

Conversely, the hot water pot mirrors the playful spirit of the classic tale with Dopey smiling at the forefront and a jovial encounter between a rabbit and a deer on the reverse. The undeniable quaintness is topped with lids on both the teapot and hot water pot, each adorned with a cheeky squirrel figure, reminding one of the playful and wholesome essence of Snow White’s narrative.

The set not only embodies a slice of Disney’s enchanting past, but also the bygone era’s penchant for detailed, hand-crafted home goods. For the winning bid of £40, the collector didn’t just take home a pair of vintage pottery; they took home fragments of history melded with artistry and childhood nostalgia.

The auction showcased a heartening encounter between the past and present, where old cherished tales found a warm spot in modern-day hearths. The Wadeheath Disney Snow White set isn’t merely a utilitarian acquisition, but a cherished link to the days when fairy tales were a sip of tea away.

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