Moana Collectibles and Gifts

moana gifts and collectibles
We take a look some of the collectibles, toys and gifts relating to Disney’s 56th animated movie Moana.

5 Moana Facts

1. Disney’s 56th animated movie
2. Dwayne Johnson plays Maui
3. Featured song is How Far I’ll Go
4. Auli’i Cravalho plays Moana and was only 14 when she voiced the character
5. Moana means ocean in Hawaiian and Maori

Moana Disney Movie Plot

A small pounamu stone that is the mystical heart of the goddess Te Fiti is stolen by the demigod Maui, who planned to give it to humanity as a gift. As Maui made his escape, he was attacked by the lava demon Te Kā, causing the heart to become lost in the ocean along with his magical fishhook that allows him to transform.

Maui Singing Figure
Maui Singing Figure
Wielding his magical light-up fish hook, the mighty demigod sings and talks at the touch of a button, while ice cold water reveals hidden tattoos!

A millennium later, young Moana Waialiki, daughter and heir of a chief on the small Polynesian island of Motunui, is chosen by the ocean to receive the heart. Her father, Chief Tui, insists the island provides everything the villagers need. But years later, fish become scarce and the island’s vegetation begins dying. Moana proposes going beyond the reef to find more fish. Tui rejects her request, as sailing beyond the reef is forbidden.

Moana Singing And Light Up Snow Globe
Moana Singing And Light Up Snow Globe
Features Moana, Maui, Pua and Hei Hei
The water lights up and it plays ‘We know the way’
What more could you want.

Moana’s grandmother, Gramma Tala, shows Moana a secret cave behind a waterfall, where a fleet of outrigger sailing canoes show that their ancestors were seafarers. Tala gives Moana the heart of Te Fiti, which she has kept safe for her granddaughter ever since she was chosen by the ocean, and explains that the darkness unleashed by Maui’s theft is now creeping onto the island.

Moana Toddler Doll
Moana Toddler Doll
The Moana Toddler Doll depicts the Polynesian princess as a little girl, long before her big ocean adventure. She comes with a soft-toy sidekick, a beautiful outfit and she even has sandy toes!

Tala falls ill and with her dying breaths tells Moana to set sail. Moana and her pet chicken Heihei depart in a drua to find Maui. A manta ray, Tala’s reincarnation, follows. After a typhoon wave flips her sailboat and knocks her unconscious, she awakens the next morning on an island inhabited by Maui, who traps her in a cave and takes her sailboat to search for his fishhook. After escaping and catching up to Maui with some help from the ocean, Moana tries to convince him to return the heart, but Maui refuses, fearing its power will attract dark creatures.

Moana Deluxe Figurine Playset
Moana Deluxe Figurine Playset
Set of 10 static figurines: Moana, toddler Moana, Maui, hawk Maui, Chief Tui, Gramma Tala, Pua and Hei Hei, Tamatoa, the Lava Witch, the Kakamora
Great detail.

Almost immediately, sentient coconut pirates called Kakamora surround the boat and steal the heart, but Maui and Moana retrieve it. Maui agrees to help return the heart to Te Fiti, but only after he reclaims his hook, which is hidden in Lalotai, the Realm of Monsters, and held by Tamatoa, a giant coconut crab. They successfully retrieve it. Later, Maui teaches Moana how to properly sail and navigate. They arrive at Te Fiti, where Te Kā attacks. Maui is overpowered and Te Kā severely damages his hook and repels their boat far out to sea. Fearing that returning to fight Te Kā will destroy his hook, Maui abandons Moana.

Moana and Maui Limited Edition Figurine
Moana and Maui Limited Edition Figurine
Limited edition worldwide 1700
We love limited editions

Distraught, Moana begs the ocean to take the heart and choose another person to return it to Te Fiti. The spirit of Tala encourages Moana to find her true calling within herself. Moana retrieves the heart from the ocean and returns to Te Fiti. Maui, having had a change of heart, returns to distract the lava demon, and the hook is destroyed in the battle. Moana realizes that Te Kā is actually Te Fiti without her heart. Moana asks the ocean to clear a path for Te Kā to approach her. She sings a song and asks Te Kā to remember who she truly is, allowing Moana to restore her heart. Te Fiti returns and in gratitude, gives a new canoe to Moana and a new magical hook to Maui before returning to her island form.

Moana Limited Edition Pin Set
Moana Limited Edition Pin Set
Limited Edition Worldwide 1000
Pins depict Moana, Maui, Hei Hei and Pua
Nice looking pin set.

Moana asks Maui to return to her island with her in order to teach her people how to sail again, but Maui smiles and replies that her people already have a master seafarer in Moana. Moana bids farewell to Maui and returns to her recovering island. Later, the villagers begin voyaging and set sail in search of new islands, as Maui and Tala accompany them in their giant hawk and manta ray forms, respectively.

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