Tokyo Disneyland Becomes A Winter Wonderland

Earlier this week, guests were treated to a rare sight at Tokyo Disneyland – snow!

Snow at Tokyo Disneyland is a rare, but not unheard of sight. (See our coverage of snowfall that blanketed the park in 2013). In this part of Japan, the average temperature in the month of January is 41°F – but January is also typically the city’s driest month of the year, so snow is a big deal. Our fellow cast members in the park were able to grab this lovely shot of the snowfall on the park’s iconic Cinderella Castle to share with all of you.

Also – unconfirmed – it was reported on Twitter that several guests in the park celebrated the seasonal surprise by engaging in a good-natured snowball fight in front of the castle.

And speaking of special moments at Tokyo Disneyland, the park is just a few weeks away from kicking off it’s 35th anniversary. Read more about what to expect from the park’s yearlong celebration.

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