#DisneyKids: Nurture a Preschooler’s Love of Animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Most youngsters have a natural affection for four-legged creatures, both big and small. Animals are engaging, and preschoolers are fascinated by the unique sounds they make, the way they move, and their interesting expressions.

You can nurture your kids’ love for animals with a visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom where they can meet many of the adorable baby animals that have been born in the past couple of years at the park. 

Recently, Disney’s Animal Kingdom has welcomed three Masai giraffe calves to the savanna. Jabari made his debut just a couple of months ago, and Aella and Amira were born in 2018. Guests were also hungry to hear about Augustus, a male Nile hippopotamus, who also arrived in early 2018 – he was the first hippo born at the park in over a decade. Last year, Disney’s Animal Kingdom also welcomed a baby mandrill and an okapi, the only known relative to the giraffe and an endangered species; in late 2017, Anala and Jeda, two Sumatran Tiger Cubs made Maharajah Jungle Trek their home. 

Giraffe Calf Joins Herd on Disney's Animal Kingdom Savanna

These baby animals bring so much energy to the park and are sure to satisfy a preschooler’s natural curiosity. Check out these photos of some of the baby animals you can see at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

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