Disney Doodle: Si & Am from ‘Lady & The Tramp’ Enjoy Mischief at Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room

In our Disney Doodles series, different Disney artists take turns imaging what different Disney characters would do or see first if they had the chance to visit a Disney Park.

In today’s Doodle, artist Ashley Taylor imagines what Si and Am from “Lady & The Tramp” would do if they could visit Magic Kingdom Park. In the film, driving Lady nuts by going after her family’s pet fish – and then pet bird – leaving disaster in their wake.

According to Ashley, their penchant for pestering winged creatures may sway their choice of destination inside the park.

“In ‘Lady & the Tramp,’ Si and Am are always causing mischief,” Ashley said. “It’s easy to imagine them causing a stir at Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room!”

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